Wooden floor 2024

7 We believe it is important to use nature’s resources in the smartest way possible. Our wood floors are examples of how it is possible to use resources efficiently, while still retaining the same character as that of a solid wood floor. Through our own production of wood floors in Anderstorp, we have full control over our products and the raw materials used. We began our investment in the future with thin wood floors 30 years ago, because even back then it was already a modern and smart construction. More efficient material utilization and better properties are now more relevant than ever. The investments we have made in recent years in increased automation and digitization have led to both energy efficiency and even better use of the raw material. Our Maxwood floors are now also Nordic Swan Ecolabelled. It shows that our floors meet tough, life-cycle-based requirements. For example, we use 100% renewable electricity in our manufacturing process and our heating comes from the wood shavings that are left over from the manufacturing process. In our part of Sweden (Småland), when it comes to resources, we are good at being frugal and the more efficiently we can manufacture our floors, the fewer resources are used. At our factory in Anderstorp, together with knowledgeable and experienced staff, we have the opportunity to explore how we can constantly become a little better, a little more efficient and a save just a few more resources. At the same time, we also keep our sights on the needs and challenges of the future. With 70 years’ experience behind us, going forward, we continue to be one of the market’s leading flooring suppliers. At Golvabia, we believe that wood floors that perform, but use nature’s resources efficiently, are the future of flooring! 30 yeras in golvabia’s wood floor factory