Wooden floor 2024

5 Passionate about floors since 1949 To us, knowledge, quality and design go hand in hand. We don’t follow fleeting trends. We believe in long-term thinking when it comes to design and supplying durable floors that become a part of your daily life. Our floors are produced by experienced professionals with deep knowledge of wood as a raw material and flooring as a product. This guarantees you high-quality wood floors that you can enjoy for many years to come. We have stringent quality demands and have inherited a deep respect for the forest as a raw material. We are quality certified ISO 9001 and environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. Our wide range of products includes flooring materials that correspond to different requirements, situations and tastes. All of our floors are very easy to lay with the 5G® click system. Maxwood – Our exclusive wood floor with a wood feel that’s clear in the pattern, surface and format. The beautiful appearance is complemented with a comfortable cork backing. The perfect choice for a more challenging environment as we use several layers of UV acrylic finish. Lightwood – A floor made of real wood with the beauty and comfort of nature. Only 8.5 mm thick and with the latest click joint, it is quick and easy to install. Suits any interior residential or commercial space where modern design and durability are an important detail. Maxwear – Our hybrid floor material Maxwear is an attractive combination of soft feel and exceptional durability. A surface layer of hardened vinyl on High Density Fiberboard (HDF) wood board. Different layers build up the floor for optimal comfort and also with a comfortable cork backing. Our floors are manufactured in Anderstorp, Sweden, they are intended for Nordic conditions and are based on natural and carefully selected raw materials.