Wooden floor 2024

10 mm Topguard 8x Class 33 Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents Produced in Anderstorp, Sweden. Warranty 20 years in domestic areas, 5 years in public areas. See the warranty. Floor’s total thickness. Golvabia’s wood flooring is produced with a thin layer of real wood. We conserve natural resources. Cork backing for increased comfort, reduces sound and gives the floor a nice feel under your feet. Our wood flooring has a durable surface we call Topguard. Lightwood has 6 layers while Maxwood has 8 layers. A floor with this rating is suitable for public environments with heavy use. This floor is extremely durable. 5G click, fold-down. SYMBOLS SURFACE PROPERTIES Topguard matt laquer gives the wood surface a natural feel. Pigmented surface. with Toppguard matt laquer Brushed surface Golvabia are certified according to ISO 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environment). Our floors in the Maxwood * series are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. See further labeling. * does not apply to Maxwood Jazz Graphic design and production: AB Golvabia | Printing: Ink n’ Art Coverphoto: AB Golvabia. Photo insert: AB Golvabia and others. Photos on page 10: upper by Monika Grabkowska/Unsplash, lower photo by jplenio/Pixabay Edition January 2024 | Art.nr: 197717 Nordic Swan Ecolabel, printed matter, 1234 5678 Sv n nmärkt trycksak 5041 0004 Nordic Swan Ecolabel 1234 5678 3029 0025 Warranty Year 20 5 Cork backing