Wooden floor 2024

65 Care & maintenance Bona Spray Mop 195180 Ergonomic and easy to use, refillable with Bona Spray Mop Refill. With the Bona Spray Mop, simply spray on the floor and wipe it clean, quick and easy to use. The Bona Spray Mop comes with a Bona Cleaning Pad and a bottle of Bona Spray Mop Refill Bona Applicator Pad 195165 Bona Cleaning Pad 195163 Bona Dusting Pad 195164 Bona Refill Premium S.mop (Wood floors) 195181 Bona Cleaner 4 liters (Wood FLoors) 195171 Bona Cleaner Spray (Wood Floors) 195166 Bona Refresher (Wood Floors) 195170 Bona Refill Premium S.Mop (Tile & Laminate) 195182 Bona Cleaner 4 liters (Tile & Laminate) 195172 Bona Cleaner Spray (Tile & Laminate) 195167 Bona maintenance products for wood floors and Maxwear. Bona Cleaners for wood floors contains special surfactants that quickly dissolve dirt and grease with the smallest possible amount of water.