Wooden floor 2024

63 Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents 2. 3. 1. 5G® click system All click floors that we manufacture at Golvabia have the unique 5G® click joint. Just one click and the plank is in place - no tools are needed. Simple laying means that everyone gets perfect results quickly and easily! Our wood and vinyl floors have a warm and pleasant feeling even without underfloor heating, but underfloor heating is often used for warmth or other reasons. Our floors work well with underfloor heating and conduct heat efficiently because they are not that thick. Detailed instructions for installing underfloor heating can be found on our website. Underfloor heating for absolute comfort Natural cork Cork comes from the bark of the cork tree. Cork has many good properties and is used for everything from wine corks to building materials. The bark is harvested every nine years without damaging the tree. In the intervening years, it continues to absorb carbon dioxide and is an important part in the preservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean area, where the cork tree grows. Maxwood and Maxwear have an integrated cork backing. You can also buy underlay cork on a roll. Cork is warm, soft and is an unbeatable layer that makes it comfortable to stand and walk on. UNDERLAY CORK provides excellent acoustic properties and a solid feel for your wood floor. Choose between pure natural cork or rubber cork, which is a mixture of the two natural materials cork and rubber that provides even better acoustic properties. PLANERA SUBFLOOR is a click floor that is perfect for leveling the substrate and avoiding screeding before installing a new floor or carpet. 411611 Underlay cork 2 mm, 10 x 1 m (10 m²/roll) 411615 Rubber cork 2 mm, 10 x 1 m (10 m²/roll) 195010 Floor paper 15 x 1 m (15 m²/roll) 137901 Planera Subfloor, HDF, 6.7 mm, 1190 x 195 mm, (2.55 m²/package) When the next board is put into place, the strip springs back so that the board can easily be laid. When the board is in place, the strip springs out and locks the board in place. There is a resilient strip in the groove that allows the floor to be folded straight down. Underlay cork on a roll, 411611 Underlay cork on a roll, 411615