Wooden floor 2024

50 Maxwear - Soft durability, tough comfort. Our floor material Maxwear is made up of carefully selected components that together meet extremely high demands on wear and tear, with noise dampening properties and an attractive appearance. The floor is built up of different layers for maximum comfort. The surface layer consists of hardened vinyl that gives a soft feeling that is both warm and pleasant. The core is a dimensionally stable High Density Fiberboard. The back is covered with a comfortable cork backing. Durability is also improved with protective impregnation of the click joints. COMFORT THAT’S HARD TO BEAT Soft springboard with a noise-absorbing cork layer provides a warm and pleasant floor ENDURANCE IN DEPTH Durable and wear-resistant even to blows and impact without crush marks or cracks occurring. ATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE High-class patterns with embossing that reinforces the grain of the pattern EASY TO INSTALL Click floor with 5G click in addition to a built-in cork underlayer