Wooden floor 2024

31 Oak Unique Elegant Grey, 127145 The several layers of Topguard UV acrylic finish protect the wood surface from wear, dirt and stains. Real wood surface gives varied character, deep luster and a natural color tone. The High Density Fiberboard frame in a substantial dimension makes the floor stable. The 5G click joints make the floor extremely easy to lay. The back is natural cork, which gives the floor comfort and noise-absorbing properties. The protective impregnation of the joints provides greater resistance to moisture induced stress. Maxwood - Classic beauty, modern construction. Maxwood is our most exclusive floor where the wood feel is clear in the pattern, surface and format. An innovative floor with a well-thought-out construction and smart material choices that make the floor both durable and comfortable. Several layers of Topguard UV acrylic finish provide a hard-wearing surface and with protectively impregnated joints, Maxwood is the perfect alternative in environments facing tougher stresses. The advanced 5G click joint also makes the floor extremely easy to lay. The beautiful appearance is complemented by a cork backing that provides acoustic and walking comfort in a luxury class! Maxwood is also Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, which is something we are particularly proud of.