Wooden floor 2024

16 All Golvabia wood floors have a surface that gives the floor a long life and makes it easy to maintain. Our UV acrylic finish is applied in several layers which together form a very strong protective barrier. The UV acrylic finish is also reinforced to increase resistance to micro scratches, so that the floor surface retains its luster for a long time. WOOD - A NATURAL RAW MATERIAL SURFACE LAYER LIGHTWOOD & MAXWOOD BRUSHED SURFACE Our floors offer a lightly brushed surface which highlights the natural grain of the wood and provides beautiful character. TOPGUARD MATT FINISH Our natural matt UV acrylic finish is reminiscent of a natural or oiled wood surface. This brings out the distinctiveness and natural character of the various types of wood. The floor will be durable and easy to maintain. TINTED SURFACE Our wood floors are available in a variety of tints and colors. When giving the floor a tint, we add pigments to the first layer of finish which we carefully brush into the wood to get a beautiful, washed structure on the floor without removing the wood feel from the floor. Then we top coat it like other floors.