Wooden floor 2024

14 WOOD - A NATURAL RAW MATERIAL CLASSIFICATION NATURE GRADE A prime grade with consistent color and tone variation in the wood. This grade will contain very few knots if any at all. CLASSIFICATION UNIQUE GRADE A light character grade that is lively and natural in its appearance. This grade contains sound knots and can also include some fill. PATTERN LIGHTWOOD & MAXWOOD Our Lightwood and Maxwood floors are made of real wood. This means the different types of wood each have natural color tones and a beautiful luster. Only real wood can create the natural variation where each floorboard is unique. The wood floors are available in four different types of patterns. We also divide our wood floors into two grades, Nature Grade which is a select grade and has consistent color and is free of knots, and our Unique Grade, which contains small tight knots and is more lively with elements of grain and color variation in the wood. 3-STRIP The classic parquet flooring pattern. The origin of the pattern is that they took small pieces of wood for the floor in order to be able to use the larger boards for furniture and other items. Floors with a 3-Strip pattern have a wonderful, natural variation in color and texture. 2-STRIP A popular parquet pattern with slightly larger strips that give an elegant and harmonious look. Suitable for both larger and smaller areas. LODGE/PLANK 1-Strip as it is also called, shows a wood floor in the most natural way. The floor also has a very small micro bevel on the long side that further enhances the appearance of the planks.