Wooden floor 2024

12 Which wood and colour is right for you? Oak is the most popular choice for wood flooring. The surface is often stained in white or grey. Here you can choose according to your own taste and preference. Darker floors create a rich, cosy and luxurious look, but may require more frequent cleaning, as dirt and dust tend to be a little more visible on a dark surface. If you want to create a spacious feel, choose a natural white floor or white stained ash. If you want to play it safe, natural oak is always right. Should I choose a 3-Strip or plank look? The plank look often provides a calmer and more pleasant room than a room with classic 3-Strip floor. In the plank floors or 1-Strip as it is also called, you can choose between two grades, Natural and Unique. Natural is a calm and harmonious feel while Unique provides a lively and natural feel. The classic 3-Strip consists of smaller strips that are put together to create a harmonious pattern. The 3-Strip is often a slightly cheaper option than plank flooring. What gives Maxwood its elegant appearance? The wood veneer for Maxwood is carefully selected from sustainably managed European forests. Color and grain are chosen to give the floor a harmonious appearance. In a larger room, the natural appearance in both color and grain comes out better in a larger board. What is the current trend? If you want something that is right on trend, then the herringbone pattern is it. Patterned floors have been around for a long time but are now trendier than ever. Herringbone patterns are perfectly suited to both older and modern interiors. This is a classic that has been manufactured for a long time, Maxwood Jazz is available in four variants: Walnut, Oak Natural, Oak Raw and Oak Mist. Best of all - No glue is needed and the simple click system makes it easy to lay. Why Maxwood? Maxwood is a good option in homes where you want a genuine, wood floor with natural beauty and comfort, without sacrificing anything in terms of durability and longevity. The basis of the durability is the core, composed of HDF, which is made from tightly compressed wood fibers that are much harder than even the hardest type of wood. The hardness provides a form-stable base so that we can use a stronger varnish on the floor than was previously possible. The result is still a natural real wood floor, but with better properties. Maxwood is 10 mm (3/8”) thick, and with the smart click joint, it is very easy to lay. Comfort is further improved with a built-in sound dampening layer of cork. How to care for a wood floor. This is best done by using as little water as possible when cleaning. Dry mop or vacuum the floor weekly and only wet mop the floor when necessary. Use cleaning products from Bona, which have been specially developed for use on wood floors. The important thing is not to use too much water, wring out the cloth or mop properly before use! How does a wood floor age? We would like to say that wood floors age with charm. It will darken and mature beautifully. A wood floor is meant to be used and acquires a beautiful patina over the years. Set the style with an elegant wood floor for any project. The flooring you choose sets the feel for the entire home. Many of our customers are looking for a coherent look and therefore choose the same flooring in the living room and kitchen, this gives the home a sleek and refined feel. WOOD - A NATURAL RAW MATERIAL