Wooden floor 2024

9 oring Thin veneer with all the beautiful characteristics that comes with real wood. Our wood floors have a beautiful and natural luster that provides a soft and inviting feel. Each board has acquired its appearance from the specific conditions present where the tree grew. Location, weather, and soil make the wood unique, much like a fine wine! To efficiently and sustainably utilize the tree, we use veneer. Veneer consists of thin layers of wood cut from the finest trees and is as visually appealing and substantial as a solid floor plank. Veneer was invented in ancient Egypt, a country with limited forest resources. For those people, wood was a precious resource used sparingly and wisely. By using veneer in our floors, we extract the maximum possible material from each tree, resulting in more flooring and thus conserving valuable resources in nature. Since 2020, our popular Maxwood series is also Nordic Eco labeled. a nordic eco labeled floor meets the following requirements: • Has a high proportion of renewable and/or recycled materials. • Meets strict requirements for health and environmentally hazardous substances. • Guarantees low emissions and a good indoor environment. • Has been manufactured efficiently in terms of energy. • Exhibits good durability NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL