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3 A modern floor in real wood ................................ 19 Range Plank. .......................................................... 23 Range 2-ST & 3-ST................................................ 26 A robust and strong wood floor .......................... 29 Range Lodge........................................................... 32 Range XL ................................................................ 36 Range XLW ............................................................ 38 Range Jazz ............................................................. 44 A tougher flooring material. ................................. 47 Range Maxwear..................................................... 52 Range Stone .......................................................... 58 contents Facts Thin wood flooring ................................................ 10 Pattern & Sizeguide............................................... 14 Surface layer .......................................................... 16 Installation & comfort .......................................... 62 Transition strips..................................................... 64 Care & maintenance.............................................. 65


5 Passionate about floors since 1949 To us, knowledge, quality and design go hand in hand. We don’t follow fleeting trends. We believe in long-term thinking when it comes to design and supplying durable floors that become a part of your daily life. Our floors are produced by experienced professionals with deep knowledge of wood as a raw material and flooring as a product. This guarantees you high-quality wood floors that you can enjoy for many years to come. We have stringent quality demands and have inherited a deep respect for the forest as a raw material. We are quality certified ISO 9001 and environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. Our wide range of products includes flooring materials that correspond to different requirements, situations and tastes. All of our floors are very easy to lay with the 5G® click system. Maxwood – Our exclusive wood floor with a wood feel that’s clear in the pattern, surface and format. The beautiful appearance is complemented with a comfortable cork backing. The perfect choice for a more challenging environment as we use several layers of UV acrylic finish. Lightwood – A floor made of real wood with the beauty and comfort of nature. Only 8.5 mm thick and with the latest click joint, it is quick and easy to install. Suits any interior residential or commercial space where modern design and durability are an important detail. Maxwear – Our hybrid floor material Maxwear is an attractive combination of soft feel and exceptional durability. A surface layer of hardened vinyl on High Density Fiberboard (HDF) wood board. Different layers build up the floor for optimal comfort and also with a comfortable cork backing. Our floors are manufactured in Anderstorp, Sweden, they are intended for Nordic conditions and are based on natural and carefully selected raw materials.


7 We believe it is important to use nature’s resources in the smartest way possible. Our wood floors are examples of how it is possible to use resources efficiently, while still retaining the same character as that of a solid wood floor. Through our own production of wood floors in Anderstorp, we have full control over our products and the raw materials used. We began our investment in the future with thin wood floors 30 years ago, because even back then it was already a modern and smart construction. More efficient material utilization and better properties are now more relevant than ever. The investments we have made in recent years in increased automation and digitization have led to both energy efficiency and even better use of the raw material. Our Maxwood floors are now also Nordic Swan Ecolabelled. It shows that our floors meet tough, life-cycle-based requirements. For example, we use 100% renewable electricity in our manufacturing process and our heating comes from the wood shavings that are left over from the manufacturing process. In our part of Sweden (Småland), when it comes to resources, we are good at being frugal and the more efficiently we can manufacture our floors, the fewer resources are used. At our factory in Anderstorp, together with knowledgeable and experienced staff, we have the opportunity to explore how we can constantly become a little better, a little more efficient and a save just a few more resources. At the same time, we also keep our sights on the needs and challenges of the future. With 70 years’ experience behind us, going forward, we continue to be one of the market’s leading flooring suppliers. At Golvabia, we believe that wood floors that perform, but use nature’s resources efficiently, are the future of flooring! 30 yeras in golvabia’s wood floor factory


9 oring Thin veneer with all the beautiful characteristics that comes with real wood. Our wood floors have a beautiful and natural luster that provides a soft and inviting feel. Each board has acquired its appearance from the specific conditions present where the tree grew. Location, weather, and soil make the wood unique, much like a fine wine! To efficiently and sustainably utilize the tree, we use veneer. Veneer consists of thin layers of wood cut from the finest trees and is as visually appealing and substantial as a solid floor plank. Veneer was invented in ancient Egypt, a country with limited forest resources. For those people, wood was a precious resource used sparingly and wisely. By using veneer in our floors, we extract the maximum possible material from each tree, resulting in more flooring and thus conserving valuable resources in nature. Since 2020, our popular Maxwood series is also Nordic Eco labeled. a nordic eco labeled floor meets the following requirements: • Has a high proportion of renewable and/or recycled materials. • Meets strict requirements for health and environmentally hazardous substances. • Guarantees low emissions and a good indoor environment. • Has been manufactured efficiently in terms of energy. • Exhibits good durability NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL

10 TRADITIONAL WOOD FLOORS GOLVABIA’S THIN FLOORING WITH VENEER We reach further with thin wood flooring The raw material from the forest is sawn into planks and is enough for 1 m2. (10 SF). The forest is rapidly beeing hollowed out and growing new trees is time consuming. The raw material from the forest is cut into veneer and is enough for 8 m2 (85 SF) of Golvabia wood flooring. This method leavs more trees for continued growth and thereby saves on natures valuable resources.

11 8 1 m2 m2 To obtain a stable and durable floor, we use a High Density Fiberboard (HDF) for the middle layer. This is manufactured by utilizing waste material from trees and timber production. The entire manufacturing process becomes a low-resource process where even the waste is transformed into beautiful new floors. This construction also makes the floor very durable. In tests where a hard steel ball is dropped on the floor, you can clearly see the advantages of the thin wood layer in combination with the HDF core. The thin layer has better resistance and the floor is twice as hard as traditional wood floors, but still with warmth and comfort. The steel ball shows the strength of thin wood flooring. PROVIDES PROVIDES Thick wood layer = big imprint Thin layer of wood = small imprint

12 Which wood and colour is right for you? Oak is the most popular choice for wood flooring. The surface is often stained in white or grey. Here you can choose according to your own taste and preference. Darker floors create a rich, cosy and luxurious look, but may require more frequent cleaning, as dirt and dust tend to be a little more visible on a dark surface. If you want to create a spacious feel, choose a natural white floor or white stained ash. If you want to play it safe, natural oak is always right. Should I choose a 3-Strip or plank look? The plank look often provides a calmer and more pleasant room than a room with classic 3-Strip floor. In the plank floors or 1-Strip as it is also called, you can choose between two grades, Natural and Unique. Natural is a calm and harmonious feel while Unique provides a lively and natural feel. The classic 3-Strip consists of smaller strips that are put together to create a harmonious pattern. The 3-Strip is often a slightly cheaper option than plank flooring. What gives Maxwood its elegant appearance? The wood veneer for Maxwood is carefully selected from sustainably managed European forests. Color and grain are chosen to give the floor a harmonious appearance. In a larger room, the natural appearance in both color and grain comes out better in a larger board. What is the current trend? If you want something that is right on trend, then the herringbone pattern is it. Patterned floors have been around for a long time but are now trendier than ever. Herringbone patterns are perfectly suited to both older and modern interiors. This is a classic that has been manufactured for a long time, Maxwood Jazz is available in four variants: Walnut, Oak Natural, Oak Raw and Oak Mist. Best of all - No glue is needed and the simple click system makes it easy to lay. Why Maxwood? Maxwood is a good option in homes where you want a genuine, wood floor with natural beauty and comfort, without sacrificing anything in terms of durability and longevity. The basis of the durability is the core, composed of HDF, which is made from tightly compressed wood fibers that are much harder than even the hardest type of wood. The hardness provides a form-stable base so that we can use a stronger varnish on the floor than was previously possible. The result is still a natural real wood floor, but with better properties. Maxwood is 10 mm (3/8”) thick, and with the smart click joint, it is very easy to lay. Comfort is further improved with a built-in sound dampening layer of cork. How to care for a wood floor. This is best done by using as little water as possible when cleaning. Dry mop or vacuum the floor weekly and only wet mop the floor when necessary. Use cleaning products from Bona, which have been specially developed for use on wood floors. The important thing is not to use too much water, wring out the cloth or mop properly before use! How does a wood floor age? We would like to say that wood floors age with charm. It will darken and mature beautifully. A wood floor is meant to be used and acquires a beautiful patina over the years. Set the style with an elegant wood floor for any project. The flooring you choose sets the feel for the entire home. Many of our customers are looking for a coherent look and therefore choose the same flooring in the living room and kitchen, this gives the home a sleek and refined feel. WOOD - A NATURAL RAW MATERIAL

13 Maxwood XLWOak Unique Elegant Grey, 127145

14 WOOD - A NATURAL RAW MATERIAL CLASSIFICATION NATURE GRADE A prime grade with consistent color and tone variation in the wood. This grade will contain very few knots if any at all. CLASSIFICATION UNIQUE GRADE A light character grade that is lively and natural in its appearance. This grade contains sound knots and can also include some fill. PATTERN LIGHTWOOD & MAXWOOD Our Lightwood and Maxwood floors are made of real wood. This means the different types of wood each have natural color tones and a beautiful luster. Only real wood can create the natural variation where each floorboard is unique. The wood floors are available in four different types of patterns. We also divide our wood floors into two grades, Nature Grade which is a select grade and has consistent color and is free of knots, and our Unique Grade, which contains small tight knots and is more lively with elements of grain and color variation in the wood. 3-STRIP The classic parquet flooring pattern. The origin of the pattern is that they took small pieces of wood for the floor in order to be able to use the larger boards for furniture and other items. Floors with a 3-Strip pattern have a wonderful, natural variation in color and texture. 2-STRIP A popular parquet pattern with slightly larger strips that give an elegant and harmonious look. Suitable for both larger and smaller areas. LODGE/PLANK 1-Strip as it is also called, shows a wood floor in the most natural way. The floor also has a very small micro bevel on the long side that further enhances the appearance of the planks.

15 MAXWOOD XL 1800x190 mm MAXWOOD XLW 1800x235 mm MAXWOOD JAZZ 593x121 mm SIZEGUIDE Our floors are available in five different sizes to meet various needs and preferences. Maxwood XL and Maxwood XLW are available in a lengths of 1800 mm, providing a floor with a strong character and the feel of a genuine plank floor. The formats 1190x195 and 1190x145 mm is perfect for quick installation and is easy to transport. MAXWEAR STONE 1190x299 mm MAXWOOD | LIGHTWOOD | MAXWEAR 1190x195 mm LIGHTWOOD PLANK 1190x143 mm

16 All Golvabia wood floors have a surface that gives the floor a long life and makes it easy to maintain. Our UV acrylic finish is applied in several layers which together form a very strong protective barrier. The UV acrylic finish is also reinforced to increase resistance to micro scratches, so that the floor surface retains its luster for a long time. WOOD - A NATURAL RAW MATERIAL SURFACE LAYER LIGHTWOOD & MAXWOOD BRUSHED SURFACE Our floors offer a lightly brushed surface which highlights the natural grain of the wood and provides beautiful character. TOPGUARD MATT FINISH Our natural matt UV acrylic finish is reminiscent of a natural or oiled wood surface. This brings out the distinctiveness and natural character of the various types of wood. The floor will be durable and easy to maintain. TINTED SURFACE Our wood floors are available in a variety of tints and colors. When giving the floor a tint, we add pigments to the first layer of finish which we carefully brush into the wood to get a beautiful, washed structure on the floor without removing the wood feel from the floor. Then we top coat it like other floors.

17 Maxwood Lodge, Oak Unique, 126841

Modern flooring of genuine wood

20 3-strip Oak White Stained, 124733 Lightwood - a smarter wood floor. Lightwood is a floor made of real wood with the beauty and comfort of nature. Thanks to our smart and thin construction, the floor is extremely easy to lay without having to adjust thresholds, moldings and door linings. The construction with a hard wood fiber core and precision milled joints makes the floor stable and fits in every home where modern design is an important interior detail. Choose from a range of several different designs and varieties of wood at attractive prices. REAL WOOD Natural color tones and beautiful luster with lively grain variation. SAVES RESOURCES A thin layer of wood saves nature's resources without skimping on quality. MODERN FLOORS Choose among natural-colored oak, white stained or shades of gray. The range is designed to fit in our Scandinavian homes. EASY RENOVATION Fast and neat results thanks to the smart 5G click system.

21 3-Strip, Oak Country, 124350 On the back there is a stabilizing layer of paper that reduces tension in the floor, which is caused by variations in moisture and temperature. A real wood surface gives the floor its beautiful appearance and a varied look as each board is unique. Topguard UV acrylic finish makes the floor durable and easy to maintain. A core of high density fiberboard,HDF, makes the floor durable and the 5G click joint makes it easy to lay.

22 Lightwood 195 mm 1190 mm 2-Strip 3-Strip Plank, Width 143 mm (5 5/8”) Lightwood is a smart floor with all the good qualities that only real wood floors have: warmth, comfort and with nature's varied character. The range is available in several beautiful shades, choose among natural colored oak, a white stained or gray surface. Genuine wood - used in the smartest way. (7 5/8”) (47”) Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents 20 Year Warranty Topguard 6x 8,5 mm Plank, Oak Nature White Stained, 124533

23 Oak Nature White Stained 124533 Oak Nature 124536 Oak Hazel 124532 Oak Nature Raw 124527 LIGHTWOOD PLANK | 1190x143 mm | 1.7 m2/package

24 Plank Oak Nature Raw, 124527

25 Plank, Oak Nature White Stained, 134533 2-stav Ek Vitlaserad, 124633 3-St v Ek Vitlaserad, 1343 3 Lightwood Plank looks great in both large and small spaces.

Oak Nature White Stained 124633 Oak Nature 124681 Oak Elegant Grey 124639 2-Srip, Oak Nature White Stained, 124633 LIGHTWOOD 2-STRIP | 1190x195 mm | 2.32 m2/package

27 Oak Nature White Stained 124333 Oak Country 124350 Oak Nature 124341 3-Srip, Oak Nature White Stained, 124333 LIGHTWOOD 3-STRIP | 1190x195 mm | 2.32 m2/package

A robust and strong wood floor

30 Lodge Oak Nature Raw, 126836 REAL WOOD Natural color tones and beautiful luster with lively grain variation. INCREDIBLE DENSITY Core of highly compressed wood that can withstand most impacts without denting. DURABLE ON THE SURFACE Rock-hard Topguard UV acrylic finish. Few, if any, wood floor varnishes on the market retain their elegance for as long. GREAT COMFORT Real wood on the surface makes the floor warm and pleasant. Comfort is further enhanced with a naturally cushioning cork backing.

31 Oak Unique Elegant Grey, 127145 The several layers of Topguard UV acrylic finish protect the wood surface from wear, dirt and stains. Real wood surface gives varied character, deep luster and a natural color tone. The High Density Fiberboard frame in a substantial dimension makes the floor stable. The 5G click joints make the floor extremely easy to lay. The back is natural cork, which gives the floor comfort and noise-absorbing properties. The protective impregnation of the joints provides greater resistance to moisture induced stress. Maxwood - Classic beauty, modern construction. Maxwood is our most exclusive floor where the wood feel is clear in the pattern, surface and format. An innovative floor with a well-thought-out construction and smart material choices that make the floor both durable and comfortable. Several layers of Topguard UV acrylic finish provide a hard-wearing surface and with protectively impregnated joints, Maxwood is the perfect alternative in environments facing tougher stresses. The advanced 5G click joint also makes the floor extremely easy to lay. The beautiful appearance is complemented by a cork backing that provides acoustic and walking comfort in a luxury class! Maxwood is also Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, which is something we are particularly proud of.

32 Maxwood 195 mm 1190 mm Lodge Oak Unique Elegant Grey 126845 Walnut Blackened 126858* Oak Unique Hazel 126832 Maxwood is available in many types of wood and different patterns. The surface is brushed, which gives the floor character, together with a comfortable warmth and pleasant feel. MAXWOOD LODGE | 1190x195 mm | 2.09 m2/package Wood flooring in a range of styles. Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents 9,5 mm Topguard 8x Warranty Year 20 5 Cork backing (7 5/8”) (47”)

33 Oak Unique Amber 126854 Oak Nature Raw 126836 Oak Nature White 126844 Oak Nature 126842 Oak Unique Pearl Grey 126846 Oak Unique 126841 * These floors have a smooth surface; other floors have a brushed surface. NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL


XLWOak Nature White, 127134 Maxwood – classic beauty, modern construcion.

36 Maxwood 190 mm 1800 mm XL Oak Unique Elegant Grey 127045 Walnut Blackened 127058* Oak Unique Amber 127054 MAXWOOD XL | 1800x190 mm | 2.05 m2/package 9,5 mm Topguard 8x Warranty Year 20 5 Cork backing Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents Maxwood XL is a longer plank that enhances the feeling of a genuine plank floor. Choose between oak, ash or walnut, several of the floors come from our nature grading and give a scandinavian feel. Long elegant planks. (7 1/2”) (71”)

Oak Nature 127042 Oak Nature White 127034 Oak Nature Raw 127037 Oak Unique 127041 Ash Nordic 127027 * These floors have a smooth surface; other floors have a brushed surface. NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL

38 235 mm 1800 mm XLW Maxwood XLW, Oak Unique Raw, 127137 9,5 mm Topguard 8x Warranty Year 20 5 Cork backing Warranty Year 20 5 Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents Beautiful wood flooring! Maxwood XL is a longer plank that creates a more striking impression of a genuine plank floor. Choose between oak, ash or walnut: several of our flooring options are available in our natural grade – a perfect fit for that Scandinavian style. Large planks for a bold impression. (9 1/4”) (71”)

39 Oak Unique Elegant Grey 127145 Oak Unique Raw 127137 Oak Unique Macchiato 127138 Oak Nature White 127134 MAXWOOD XLW | 1800x235 mm | 2.54 m2/package NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL

40 XLWOak Unique Elegant Grey, 127045

41 Elegant and resource-conscious manufactured wood floors for all areas of the home.

42 XLW, Oak Unique Elegant Grey, 127145 XLW, Oak Unique Raw, 127137

43 XLW, Oak Nature White, 127134 “Our exclusive wood floor where the feeling of wood is clear in the pattern, surface and format .”

Jazz Maxwood 121 mm 593 mm 44 Herringbone - an updated classic. 10 mm Warranty Year 20 5 Patterned floors have been around for a long time, but now they are more on trend than ever. Herringbone patterns fit perfectly in both old and modern interiors. This pattern is a classic that is very popular, choose from four different colors that all add their own unique touch to your home. The floor is easily laid using right and left boards with the unifit laying system. (4 3/4”) (23 1/3”)

45 Walnut Blackened L 135849 | R 135848 Oak Nature L 135842 | R 135841 Oak Mist L 135846 | R 135845 Oak Raw L 135844 | R 135843 JAZZ | 593x121 mm | 0,789 m2/package Finally, an easy-to-lay click floor with a herringbone pattern. Note! There are different article numbers for the right and left boards.

A tougher flooring material

48 Maxwear – our most practical floor. Where is Maxwear well-suited to? Maxwear is a good option for homes with children and pets. In this case, durable floors are often a necessity and with Maxwear's properties, you also get comfort and a low noise level in the bargain. The joints are also protectively impregnated to better resist water. Maxwear is a floor that is perfectly suited to the most vulnerable rooms in the house: the kitchen and hall. What different designs are there? It is primarily a plank pattern and we start with the beautiful grain of oak. From there, you choose among a variety of color tones ranging from light to dark and then there are different levels of how rustic the floor looks. Rustic patterns such as Oak Dusk, to a more calm and uniform floor like Oak Raw. There are also beautiful stone patterns in a wider format. What makes Maxwear special? It is the soft feeling you experience when you walk on the floor. A combination of the surface layer of soft LVT and the cork back brings out the best feeling, not least when walking barefoot. The result is a floor with unique properties, suitable in both demanding home environments and tough object oriented environments. The floor is classified with wear resistance 33, which makes it suitable for tough environments, like restaurants and shops. Thanks to the cork on the back, you get a quiet and comfortable floor, something that is particularly important in the aforementioned environments. Do you want to increase comfort? Then lay our cork underlay as a base! How do you care for Maxwear? It is very easy to care for. Dry mop or vacuum the floor weekly and only wet mop the floor when necessary. Use cleaning products from a manufacturer such as Bona, which have been specially developed for use on floors. The important thing is not to use too much water and wring out the cloth properly before use! Why should I choose Maxwear? Maxwear is the floor for those who want the highest wear resistance, coupled with unbeatable comfort! When you put Maxwear in your home, you have a floor that can withstand all the tests of everyday life and provide comfort for many years to come. Maxwear is an attractive combination of a soft feel and durability. In one and the same material, extreme durability is combined with a long wear and pleasant comfort. Maxwear is developed in collaboration with Europe's most modern luxury vinyl tile (LVT) producer and is manufactured by Golvabia at the factory in Anderstorp, Sweden.

49 Maxwear Oak Coffee, 114120 Available in severeal different settings.

50 Maxwear - Soft durability, tough comfort. Our floor material Maxwear is made up of carefully selected components that together meet extremely high demands on wear and tear, with noise dampening properties and an attractive appearance. The floor is built up of different layers for maximum comfort. The surface layer consists of hardened vinyl that gives a soft feeling that is both warm and pleasant. The core is a dimensionally stable High Density Fiberboard. The back is covered with a comfortable cork backing. Durability is also improved with protective impregnation of the click joints. COMFORT THAT’S HARD TO BEAT Soft springboard with a noise-absorbing cork layer provides a warm and pleasant floor ENDURANCE IN DEPTH Durable and wear-resistant even to blows and impact without crush marks or cracks occurring. ATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE High-class patterns with embossing that reinforces the grain of the pattern EASY TO INSTALL Click floor with 5G click in addition to a built-in cork underlayer

51 The back is made from natural cork, which gives the floor added comfort and anti-noise properties. PU layer makes the floor easy to clean and resistant to surface marks. The surface layer of 0.55 mm hardened vinyl is a soft but tough and extremely durable material that gives a soft feeling that is noise dampening. The substantially dimensioned wood HDF frame makes the floor stable. The 5G click joints make the floor extremely easy to lay. The Aquapreg protective impregnation of the joints provides greater resistance to moisture induced stress. PU layer makes the floor easy to clean and resistant to surface marks. 0.55mm transparent hardened vinyl. Durable and resilient. Vinyl comfort layer to provide cushioning and comfort. Two layers of fiberglass reinforcement for stability in the floor. HDF frame Model: Surface layer Maxwear

52 Maxwear 195 mm 1190 mm Oak Raw 114123 Oak Haze 114125 Oak Foggy 114113 MAXWEAR | 1190x195 mm | 1.86 m2/package High-class designs in different types of wood and shades, combined with embossing that both reinforces the grain of the pattern and provides a pleasant surface. Trendy designs with natural comfort. Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents 10 mm Cork backing Warranty Year 20 5 Class 33 (7 5/8”) (47”)

53 53 Maxwear, Oak Raw 114123

54 Oak Grey 114114 Oak Smokey 114119 Oak Dusk 114118 Maxwear, Oak Raw, 114124 MAXWEAR | 1190x195 mm | 1.86 m2/package

55 Oak Classic 114124 Oak Sand 114116 Oak Coffee 114120 Oak Shade 114126 Oak Greige 114128 Oak Aspen 114127

56 Maxwear, Oak Haze, 114125

Maxwear, Oak Shade, 114126 Maxwear is the ideal floor if you are looking for the highest wear resistance and unbeatable comfort!

58 Maxwear Stone 299 mm 1190 mm Ceppo Grey 115554 Ceppo Sand 115555 Maxwear Stone, Portland, 115551 Our own developed floor Maxwear is also available in a stone pattern with a slightly larger format. Choose between a modern concrete look or the trendier Ceppo pattern. Like stone, but soft. MAXWEAR STONE | 1190x299 mm | 2.16 m2/package 11 mm Cork backing Warranty Year 20 5 Class 33 Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents (11 3/4”) (47”)

Dolomit 115552 Basalt 115553 Portland 115551

60 Maxwear Oak Greige, 114128 Maxwear Oak Dusk, 114118 “The unique combination of style and function makes Maxwear the perfect choice for many different environments, which is probably why it has grown in popularity so quickly”

61 Maxwear Stone Ceppo Sand, 115555

62 The direction of the floor Decide which direction the floor should be laid. It is most common to lay the floor in the longitudinal direction of the room. In larger rooms, you can lay wider planks to reinforce the impression of the room's size. Expansion joint How much space should be left against the wall? Wood is a natural material that moves along with changes in humidity, therefore you must have an expansion joint against walls and fixed objects. Leave an expansion joint of 1 mm per meter of floor width, but at least 8 mm, around the entire floor and fixed objects such as stairs, pipes, thresholds and stoves. This is so that the floor can move freely during seasonal changes. Floating between rooms When laying floating floors through complex areas, there is a risk that the floor will get stuck or have difficulty moving and you will then experience cracks in the floor. Therefore, we recommend that expansion joints are laid between the rooms so that the floor can move freely. For more information, see our detailed installation instructions on the website. Re-sandable No, our floors have a 0.6 mm layer of real wood that does not need to be re-sanded. The development of durable varnishes for the surface has meant that modern wood floors last a very long time before re-sanding would be an option. How do you know you will still want to keep the same floor when it comes time to re-sand it after 25-30 years? Installation tips In our Digital Showroom at golvabia.se, you can test the different types yourself. Type A Type B TIP! In square rooms: follow the incoming light. In rectangular rooms: follow the longitudinal direction of the room.

63 Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents 2. 3. 1. 5G® click system All click floors that we manufacture at Golvabia have the unique 5G® click joint. Just one click and the plank is in place - no tools are needed. Simple laying means that everyone gets perfect results quickly and easily! Our wood and vinyl floors have a warm and pleasant feeling even without underfloor heating, but underfloor heating is often used for warmth or other reasons. Our floors work well with underfloor heating and conduct heat efficiently because they are not that thick. Detailed instructions for installing underfloor heating can be found on our website. Underfloor heating for absolute comfort Natural cork Cork comes from the bark of the cork tree. Cork has many good properties and is used for everything from wine corks to building materials. The bark is harvested every nine years without damaging the tree. In the intervening years, it continues to absorb carbon dioxide and is an important part in the preservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean area, where the cork tree grows. Maxwood and Maxwear have an integrated cork backing. You can also buy underlay cork on a roll. Cork is warm, soft and is an unbeatable layer that makes it comfortable to stand and walk on. UNDERLAY CORK provides excellent acoustic properties and a solid feel for your wood floor. Choose between pure natural cork or rubber cork, which is a mixture of the two natural materials cork and rubber that provides even better acoustic properties. PLANERA SUBFLOOR is a click floor that is perfect for leveling the substrate and avoiding screeding before installing a new floor or carpet. 411611 Underlay cork 2 mm, 10 x 1 m (10 m²/roll) 411615 Rubber cork 2 mm, 10 x 1 m (10 m²/roll) 195010 Floor paper 15 x 1 m (15 m²/roll) 137901 Planera Subfloor, HDF, 6.7 mm, 1190 x 195 mm, (2.55 m²/package) When the next board is put into place, the strip springs back so that the board can easily be laid. When the board is in place, the strip springs out and locks the board in place. There is a resilient strip in the groove that allows the floor to be folded straight down. Underlay cork on a roll, 411611 Underlay cork on a roll, 411615

64 Transition strips TRANSITION STRIPS | Lenght: 93/186 cm | Width: 30 mm TRANSITION SINGLE-CLICK ALU | Lenght: 100/200 cm | Hight: 7-12 mm | Width: Connecting 31,5 mm / Border 21 mm Transition strips for our floors that can be used as finishing moldings, level moldings and expansion moldings. Can be installed in several ways. Listed below are also suggestions for which joint strip fits which floor. The transition strips are purchased individually. SUGGESTIONS FOR INSTALLATION: Titan Border L 100: 196201 | L 200: 196202 Silver Border L 100: 196211 | L 200: 196212 Titan Connecting L 100: 196251 | L 200: 196252 Silver Connecting L 100: 196261 | L 200: 196262 Grey CS23 L 93: 196101 | L 186: 196151 Oak Dusk, Oak Grey Oak CS7 L 93: 196121 | L 186: 196171 Oak Light Grey CS19 L 93: 196104 | L 186: 196154, Oak Foggy Titan A3 L 93: 196108 | L 186: 196158 Portland Sand CS29 L 93: 196103 | L 186: 196153 Oak Classic, Oak Sand Oak White CS3 L 93: 196122 | L 186: 196172 Oak White Stained, Oak Raw, Oak Haze, Oak Greige Dark Grey CS52 L 93: 196107 | L 186: 196157 Dolomit, Basalt Raw CS26 L 93: 196102 | L 186: 196152 Oak Raw Coffee CS11 L 93: 196106 | L 186: 196156 Oak Coffee

65 Care & maintenance Bona Spray Mop 195180 Ergonomic and easy to use, refillable with Bona Spray Mop Refill. With the Bona Spray Mop, simply spray on the floor and wipe it clean, quick and easy to use. The Bona Spray Mop comes with a Bona Cleaning Pad and a bottle of Bona Spray Mop Refill Bona Applicator Pad 195165 Bona Cleaning Pad 195163 Bona Dusting Pad 195164 Bona Refill Premium S.mop (Wood floors) 195181 Bona Cleaner 4 liters (Wood FLoors) 195171 Bona Cleaner Spray (Wood Floors) 195166 Bona Refresher (Wood Floors) 195170 Bona Refill Premium S.Mop (Tile & Laminate) 195182 Bona Cleaner 4 liters (Tile & Laminate) 195172 Bona Cleaner Spray (Tile & Laminate) 195167 Bona maintenance products for wood floors and Maxwear. Bona Cleaners for wood floors contains special surfactants that quickly dissolve dirt and grease with the smallest possible amount of water.

66 Our floors are well suited for many different types of environments. Made by Golvabia Here is a quick guide to the various properties our floors have. Maxwear has the highest wear class, which is 33. Therefore, it is also suitable for public environmentsthat are heavily trafficked such as shops, offices and restaurants. In addition to home environments, our wood floors are often laid in public environments with lighter traffic and are usually installed in living rooms and bedrooms in larger apartment projects. 10 mm 9,5 mm Thickness Light public environment Public environment Surface Cork back 0.6mm Wood + Topguard x6 0.6 mm Wood + Topguard x8 0.55 mm vinyl + PU layer 33 Lightwood Maxwood Maxwear 20 Year Warranty Warranty Year 20 5 Warranty Year 20 5 8,5 mm

10 mm Topguard 8x Class 33 Patent protected, www.valinge.se/patents Produced in Anderstorp, Sweden. Warranty 20 years in domestic areas, 5 years in public areas. See the warranty. Floor’s total thickness. Golvabia’s wood flooring is produced with a thin layer of real wood. We conserve natural resources. Cork backing for increased comfort, reduces sound and gives the floor a nice feel under your feet. Our wood flooring has a durable surface we call Topguard. Lightwood has 6 layers while Maxwood has 8 layers. A floor with this rating is suitable for public environments with heavy use. This floor is extremely durable. 5G click, fold-down. SYMBOLS SURFACE PROPERTIES Topguard matt laquer gives the wood surface a natural feel. Pigmented surface. with Toppguard matt laquer Brushed surface Golvabia are certified according to ISO 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environment). Our floors in the Maxwood * series are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. See further labeling. * does not apply to Maxwood Jazz Graphic design and production: AB Golvabia | Printing: Ink n’ Art Coverphoto: AB Golvabia. Photo insert: AB Golvabia and others. Photos on page 10: upper by Monika Grabkowska/Unsplash, lower photo by jplenio/Pixabay Edition January 2024 | Art.nr: 197717 Nordic Swan Ecolabel, printed matter, 1234 5678 Sv n nmärkt trycksak 5041 0004 Nordic Swan Ecolabel 1234 5678 3029 0025 Warranty Year 20 5 Cork backing

”Back in 1949 we started from scratch, today we are one of Sweden’s leading flooring manufacturers. Welcome to navigate in our world of floors.” AB Golvabia | Box 43, SE-334 21 | Anderstorp, Sweden E-mail: info@golvabia.se | www.golvabia.com | #golvabia